12 Abiding Laws For Dominating Google’s Search

google-search-2  Aug 30 2017

Laws of search can bring in huge success in SEO when applied effectively. There are 12 of them in total and if you are chasing the topmost search engine rank, then you need to make sure that all of them are implemented effectually.

Following are the 12 abiding laws for dominating Google’s search :

1. Website Speed
To fetch the highest search engine rank, your website requires to have a fast downloading speed.So your job is to see that your website loads immediately from any part of the world.In order to figure out the speed of your web pages you need to use ‘Google’s Page Speed’.There are also other tools like Varry, GTMetrix and Pingdom that can also be used. Opt for Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve your pages quickly around the world.In order to increase the mobile page load times, install Google’s AMP and AMP analytics.

2. High Quality Experience for Users
It is your job to offer excellent experience to users. To make the user experience good do limit the utilization of ads website’s fold and also make the navigation of your website easy to move to important topics and sections.Never use any deceitful techniques that may put you into trouble like content cloaking, tricky redirects, etc.

3. Authority of Domain
Domain authority has got high value in SEO sphere.It is important and it is not that simple.So you need to put in a lot of efforts to build up domain authority. Your job is to lay more emphasis on the quality of inbound links rather than their numbers and think always for long term as by thinking for short term you won’t get success in SEO. Once you start thinking for long , the domain authority will gradually increase.

4. Quality of Content
Content quality matters a lot for successful SEO. It should be finely written with no grammatical and spelling mistakes.An error-free content leaves a good impression on the readers. It should contain the relevant keywords to rank high on the search engine results . You should never compromise on the quality of content as then you will lag far behind than your competitors in the SEO competition.

5. Length of Content
Proper content length is crucial for the success of SEO. It should not contain many or very less words.When your domain authority is very high , shorter content can work for you.So when you create a lengthy content with a high domain authority, you are certainly going to fetch a domineering search engine rank. Content of approximately 2000 words can be quite convenient for readers.It more likely to get shared and win over maximum links.

6. Focus on Keyword
It is obvious that certain keywords will be important in a content but you should not overdo them.Google is focused on semantic search and uses Latent-Semantic Indexing (LSI) which is a way of saying that Google understands when other phrases match the central keyword.Do insert the relevant keywords not only in the content but also in keyword title, the meta description and in the URL . Do not use too many page variables after the URL .

7. Presence on Multimedia
With the increase in internet speed, mediums like videos,audios,podcasts, etc have become easier to use.You should use a high quality image that can go well with your content. Do use a related name and an appropriate description.Do not put in all your efforts only on written words.Make the best use of multimedia to beautify your content and get through to the maximum target customers.

8. Engaging content
Do keep your content engaging every time so that the readers remain glued to the website for several times. Always keep the content based only on the topic.Do use bullet points, numbered lists to make the content more readable.Use catchy headings to give a clear idea of the topic of content.In order to keep the users intrigued for a long time make the content flow easily.

9. Responsiveness Website
You should have a website that is responsive so that it works properly on desktop and mobile at same par. If it is not responsive, you can never make it big in SEO.Use a framework named Bootstrap or go for a theme named Bootstrap or select a theme on WordPress for a mobile responsive website.You can find loads of them in WordPress utilizing which you can create an excellent website.

10. Level of Page Reading
If you want to rank high on the search engine results, then you need to write at a higher reading level than normal.Personal content even at lower reading level can rank. When you are dealing with competitive keywords, you will have to write at a higher level.So use as much as diverse words as you can.

11. Source Citing
Do cite your sources when you refer to a study that supports an argument on your page.As we all know that internet is based on links and they are those which make the web go round.So you must cite your sources to outshine on SEO.

12. Reach Unique Insights
The web content should be able to reach unique insights.So do not reuse any other content for turning out to be similar like others.The original content reflects your knowledge on the topic and leave a positive impression on the users taking you to the top of search engine results.