The 2017 Local SEO Checklist For Small Businesses in Singapore

 Oct 05 2017

To make it big in your local business you need to improve your local SEO. If you fail to get displayed on the local search results , then it is certainly a big threat for your small business!

Here are the 10 most important Singapore local SEO checklist for small businesses that will help you to grow in 2017 :

1. Relevant keywords : Keywords were, are and will always be one of the most integral elements of an effective SEO. You should know what your target customers will type while searching for your website and fill the content with the most relevant keywords as well as optimized for specific keyword phrases. By using tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Finder, etc you can research for the most appropriate keywords and utilize them rightly to boost search engine rankings.

2. Engaging content : An unique and intriguing content can always take you to the top of search engine results. It is your duty to find out the wants and queries of your customers so that you can create such a content which can respond to all their inquiries. If you really want your content to be unmatched then bring in abled writers who can produce SEO optimized content every time exclusively for you.

3. Precise meta description : To catch hold of the leading search engine rank , your web page should have suitable meta description. By going through it the customers can understand what the web page is all about. A catchy metadescription can win over you a high number of clicks and should be of maximum 156 characters automatically resulting in better SEO performance.

4. Compact images : Users always prefer using those websites which are high on speed. So your website needs to be really fast in order to rank high on the search engine results. You should know that images take more time to upload than text. So you must think of shrinking the size of images if they are not much necessary. When you reduce the size of images the website will load faster than before helping you to climb up the search engine ladder.

5. Mobile friendly : Making your website mobile friendly is a must these days as almost everyone uses a smartphone these days. Since a mobile phone is very handy we have become habituated to search about anything through it. There are several websites which are not mobile-friendly and if yours is one of them , then do make it accessible for phones as that can upgrade your search engine results.

6. Do not over optimize : You should never ever over optimize your content as that can disturb the reader's’ attention . Try to use the most relevant keywords few times as their repeated usage can affect your SEO adversely. The application of related keywords for the less number of times can maintain the flow of content and pull in more traffic to the website.

7. Proper Title tags : Like meta descriptions, title tags also give an idea to users of what the website is all about. So you should make it catchy as well. Make sure it do not exceed 55 characters and use the brand name often to make your title suitable for better search engine results.

8. Positive customer reviews : Once you succeed in fetching many positive customer reviews, your local business in Singapore can really prosper. Like a good review from audience can work for pulling in people to the movie theaters, similarly a good review from an user can also work as a benefit for your business. So increase the reviews and make them part of local SEO checklist to do well in SEO.

9. Citations : As people are inclined towards using internet daily, you need your small business to get noticed online. You can get noticed fully or a portion of NAP information. Once you are done with citation you should consider social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc for making fast buck in SEO.

10. Presence on Social Media : The craze of social media among the people belonging to today’s generation makes it necessary for your business to grasp prominent place on popular networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. In order to post your blogs you can opt for StumbleUpon, Bebo, Reddit, etc.

So follow this local SEO checklist for small businesses in Singapore to improve your business's search engine results.