Conversion Rate Optimization for Small Business Explained

 May 22 2017


Getting the conversion rate of your business enhanced is extensively crucial because it acts as the foundation for high sales rate.

If your goal is to increase your annual sales rate by at least 50%, How will you make it possible?-- By publishing more advertisements? by promoting more contents? or by enhancing more money, effort and time into your marketing campaign?

All of this can work, but stay assured that increasing your business conversion rate can make things work cheaper and faster. Always remember that increase in your conversion rate for at least 1% means uplifting your profit percentage by 50%. Even a small change can bring a significant improvement in the conversion rate.

Split Testing:

Split or A/B testing is basically a very effective technique to enhance the conversion rate of your website. If you are having confusion about something like headlines, and cannot decide which one would be better, running a A/B split test can solve your problem and can help you make a better decision.

The test is simple, create two versions of your page- A and B, each using the two different headlines. The A/B testing software can detect, which page has received maximum traffic. The one that wins, clearly states that people have got attracted to it more than the other one, giving you a clear scenario.

What to Test?

Marketers often fails to decide, which factors and elements they should be testing. And thus, end up testing things that doesn’t have much impact on the conversion rate of your website. Hence, it is very well important for you to spot the elements, which are important for your business and will influence the conversion rate.

What can you use for testing?

Most business owners make the mistake of investing huge behind the testing software. But they fail to understand the basic - Implement the “conversion rate optimization process”. You don’t have to spend huge, you can do it with:

  • Google “Content Experiments”- this is build in Google Analytics and comes for free. The only problem is that it isn’t real time and you will always require 2 individual URL’s for testing.
  • Various A/B testing software are available in the market, but Optimizer is the most easiest and budget-friendly software that you can consider using.

These are a few tests that you can make your website undergo because each one of them will help you enhance the conversion rate of your website. But the list doesn’t end here, there are various other ways as well, considering which you can increase the conversion rate of your business.

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