Future of Voice Activated Search for Local Entrepreneurs

 May 22 2017

The latest developer’s event organized by Google threw light on some changes that the search giant is about to bring in the future. This article, focuses on those upcoming changes and also provide tips to the local businesses. Google’s developers meet has indeed revealed much about their future plans, but before that let’s take a look at the topics that discussed in that meeting- natural language processing, artificial intelligence, voice recognition and translations. In the event, Google had also discussed about their new product launches- Google Assistant, Google Home and Allo. Google Home: This is a speaker-like device that has been voice activated. These devices listens to your commands and return answers to the queries made from set appointment, play music, control home automation and Google Search using a very new platform called Google Assistant. Allo: This is the very new messaging app launched by Google. It makes use of “integrated machine learning” to know about the style of the user, such that the application become more easy and convenient for the user to use. Allo allows you to schedule meetings, list tasks and make reservations etc. Apart from this, it also features “smart replies” based on the content of your message. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai also says that most queries on search engines are made from mobile devices via voice search. Searching has gone beyond that white type box, whether it’s your phone, tablet or desktop, voice search is becoming the latest search tool. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integrated Voice Search Voice activated search is the future, which would be driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. After conducting numerous experiments on machine learning, it was concluded that this feature provides an unmatched website analysis, which is never achievable with regular SEO elements. Artificial intelligence and machine learning integrated with voice search is one of the biggest announcements made by Google. Previously, writing copies matching the keywords was a daunting task, but now, writing copies that are contextual, simple, conventional and easy for the users to understand. Voice search, combined with natural language processing and machine learning will also be developed with information including the past behaviors, style and location of the user. How can voice activated search benefit you? First, by understanding the phrases and terms your customers are using for searching. For this, you can ask your marketing team to keep an account of these phrases and use them as keywords. To know your customers, you can interview them. You can make them answer in their own words by asking some simple questions about your organization and products. Collecting these information and data must be a daunting task for your employees. But these can actually help your marketers and support team, marketers would be able to use it in their sales and web copies and the support team can use it in their FAQ’s and Scripts. Connecting people, relationships, places etc. Facebook’s “natural language processing” is very common amongst users. But now, Google is up with something similar to this, hopefully that will be powered by Google Assistant. Just because most customers use voice searches these days, business should start preparing more contextual searches like: Movie theaters new me Restaurants recommended by my friends Interior designers viewed by my neighbors Dishes ordered by my friend Products using voice search, machine learning and artificial intelligence would require permission to learn more about the style and behavior of the customers. This might influence the rise of various tools that will help business houses to know their audience.

 Top Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2016

 May 22 2017

What is trending today, might not trend tomorrow, especially when it comes to SEO. Strategies and techniques that went best for marketing your company online last year, won’t necessarily prove beneficial this year as well. So, stay updated with all the recent predictions SEO strategies and techniques that are trending in 2016 because you never know, may be the least expected strategy has the potential to bring you the best possible result. Twitter and Facebook- To become a new platform for e-commerce business Facebook and Twitter to become a new platform for e-commerce. Imagine people to search and buy products from Facebook. Well, that a great option because that gives you a great opportunity to influence more and more number of customers towards your business. Presently, Facebook is testing their search engine, which will bring strong search capabilities within social platform. This will provide brands an automatic boost. Snapchat- The latest mode of advertisement including expiration date Snapchat has taken social media to the next level. Thousands of users have already embraced this app and it is predicted that many other business and brands would start embracing this application as well. If you haven’t yet heard of Snapchat then this is a photo/video messaging app that gives users an opportunity to record videos, pictures, texts etc. and send them to their own contacts. Though very few brands have accepted Snapchat, but in 2016 others won’t be able to ignore it, as this will form the best medium to grab the attention of young generation. Engage more audience with live video streaming Videos are an impressive and effective way to attract people and keep them engaged. In future, this will surely become an integral part of digital marketing strategies. In today’s generation, where people come across millions of similar ads daily, mediocre marketing techniques stand nowhere. To succeed, you need to grab the attention of your customers and keep them into it for more than few seconds. But how? Well, in this case, the answer is live video streaming. Brands have been incorporating this with time in their daily marketing efforts. It’s easy and within second you get to share your idea and experience with millions. Instagram- Also a great platform for Advertisements Instagram lately turned out to be a business super successful. Today’s society is very much into visual stimulation and Instagram just supports that need of sharing life and its experiences with the entire world. It’s now just the matter of time when even the business giants will also involve themselves with this application and take huge advantage from it. Recently, this application has offered the opportunity of paid advertising through some of its developer partners. For now, it isn't available to everyone. But in the year 2016, it will become available to all its advertisers. These are some, but there are many other predictions trading in the market, which can actually help you and your business gain enough importance.