Know How You Can Adapt To The Constant Change in Mobile Search

 May 22 2017

Definition for Mobile searching has kept changing, when this was first introduced in the year 2012. People were discussing about it and had a sole question in mind- “What should be my marketing strategies for mobile?”. But you should always know that mobile searching isn’t entirely different from browsing on web, it’s just another simpler and easier way to access the internet. The increase in global purchase rate of smartphones already reveals the popularity of smartphones.

Few questions arose after the inception of mobile searching:

  • Whether marketers should start creating different websites for mobile?
  • Will the marketing strategy for mobile users would be different?
  • Apps are a tread now, but which type of applications should one concentrate on- Native or HTML web app?
The shift from web to mobile wasn’t surprising at all because in the year 2015, most internet users stated that mobiles are better for accessing the internet, than web. From 2013- 2015, users who consider mobile as their primary device to access the internet, has doubled. This statistic report was enough to believe that mobile was the latest trend, which will continue to grow. Moreover, mobile devices can provide us with much more information in comparison to web, like friends, photos, geolocations, physical movements and interactivity. Best part about using a mobile device for accessing the internet is that it allows you to stay signed in and connected via notifications, even when you are not using it.

Let’s look at the areas, where google has considered to bring a change in approach:

  • Mobile friendliness- An important factor for ranking
  • Speed and loading time of a page
  • SERP in a Mobile friendly design

Mobile friendliness- An important factor for ranking

The update for mobile friendliness was rolled out in the year 2015. Impact of this update was majorly felt by some websites, which lost around “35% of their mobile ranking” in the first month of the roll out itself. But Google also announced that this updates increased the number of mobile friendly sites to 4.7% within two months. What should be your step? Your prime motto should be passing the mobile-friendliness test. Also ensure that you have checked the reports for Google search Console to keep away from error that are mobile specific.

Speed and loading time of a page

Site speed and page loading time run parallel to mobile- friendliness. Thus, improving the loading time and website speed is very important. This becomes more specific for the editorial sites with more ads and thin content. Ads remands varied elements, which actually makes the page run slow. Google is not the only one to address this issue, Apple newsstand and Facebook Instant Article both are using the in-app editions of content pages for improving the loading time. Some has also considered creating their own native application to solve this issue. What Should be Your Step? First, you should determine whether the AMP is relevant for your business or not. Use AMP only if:
  • Most of your traffic gets generated from Google News
  • You create huge amount of content, especially editorial ones
  • You want to distribute your content widely
  • And , if you want more mobile traffic.
Google’s solution to this issue is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page Project. This allows the builders of editorial pages to create separate versions of their pages with skeleton HTML or stripped-back that actually helps your page to load quickly and get chased by Google.

SERP in a Mobile friendly design

The third area google chose to bring some changes was the SERP. It wanted the desktop search to look more like the search done on mobile. This change happened in two major ways:
  • The layout was more like cards, which made content distribution much easier, especially when they were open in varied screen sizes.
  • The ad section, which previously was in the right side of the SERP was changed and made on top of the page.
All of these are supporting Google and helping it build the most excellent personal assistant. You can consider these changes and work on them to make things easier for marketing your website and business.