Moz to Shut Down Moz Content & Followerwonk in 2016

 May 31 2017

Moz is about to drop its content marketing and social media tools to “double down” core products for SEO. The company said that they haven’t measured any significant growth for Moz and Followerwonk content as they were expecting and thus, they won’t be investing in them anymore. In the year 2004, Moz was founded as “SEOmoz” that was primarily known as a consulting firm. But in the year 2009, the company started shifting towards creating and developing SEO software. After some investments in 2012, they came up with Followerwonk, which was when it again expanded its products range and included content and social marketing software. On May 2013, the company turned from SEOmoz to just Moz, stating they specifically aren’t an SEO company anymore. But just after three years, they are again focusing primarily on SEO software in 2016. What Users Should Expect? Moz says that they will find a better shelter for Followerwonk- a service that serves many, but brings no revenue for the firm. Moz content will be closed down completely, hence users should start looking out for an alternative. While closing down all these products, Moz will continue investing in core features of SEO, focusing particularly on local search. Here is what people can expect from the company in future: How Did this Change affect Moz? Since the company did not experience any the amount of growth and revenue it expected from Moz content and Followerwonk, it will be showing more interest towards SEO offers. Moz says that churn rates are extensively low than ever and its average revenue is about to rise as per user. Reducing its product line and returning back to SEO lead the company to make a tough decision. They asked 28% of their employees to leave. However, they promised their former employees that they will assist them in this transition with proper coaching, severance and would help them get new roles. Not only the company but also the community came up to help these people find a new job. In the comments section of the announcement, numerous people shared “potential job opportunities”. In addition to this, #hiremoz also went viral on Twitter. Reaction of People So Far: After reading the comments on the Moz post so far, and considering the number of shares, it is very well understood that the community is coming forward for help. The company has also added that people can expect more details regarding this transition. Meanwhile, if you do have a great job opportunity, share it in our comments section and we will distribute it on Twitter.

 Google Wants to Know Every Detail of Your Location Says New Patent

 May 31 2017

A patent recently granted to Google suggests that company is planning to track where its users are most of the time in a day. The patent has been titled as “systems and methods for generating a user location history”. It is one step ahead of GPS, which was generally used to track locations. You are already providing Google with some of your very serious personal data by using services like Google Phone, Google Home, Allo. however, this recent patent is way more ambitious. Google is looking forward to knowing more about you, like where you go for your morning coffee, where you visit mostly for lunch breaks, where you hang out with your friends for evening drinks and lots more. According to the application, using just the raw GPS data won’t be sufficient to determine the exact location of you. Google rather intends to recognize that particular entity where you visited, by collecting data from multiple resources. Apart from the GPS, the patent application would be using various other apps like:  

  • Your search history
  • Photo gallery
  • E-mails received and sent
  • Direction requests
  • And mobile payment invoices
Basically, Google wants to map the entire day of its users. Like where they go, when, for how long and much more. However, if you are not comfortable with this fact, you can just back out. But, what are the benefits Google would provide you in return of these data? Well, in return of your data, google will provide you with a detailed history of your day-to-day life along with specific time and location. This would prove useful in case you wanted to retrace a day. The location history can also prove beneficial for mapping applications.

 Man Gets Sacked for outbursting against Pokemon Go & Singapore

 May 22 2017

Pokemon Go- one of the most trending mobile game of recent times, is presently not available in Singapore, which made one man burst out on social media create a mess. Pokemon Go is basically a reality game where the players use their smartphones to catch Pokemon characters as if the characters were there in real world. Currently, the game isn’t available in Singapore, which disturbed one man so badly that he burst out on social media. Mr. Sonny Truyen went up to Facebook this Saturday to express his irritation and anger in a post stating: “you cant****ing catch Pokemon in this piece of ****ing s*** country (sic)”. In relevance to this post, he managed to get involved in a quarrel and ended up insulting her. During the conversation, this man an Australian made numerous hits in the country. This was again reposted on various social media and forums gaining more and more haters from the natives. sonny_truyen His employer in also got to know about this after someone wrote to him along with the screen grab of the post. Mr. Darius Cheung, CEO and a co-founder member of the told the media after verifying every fact that a meeting was held with Mr. Truyen for understanding the event from his perspective. Mr. Truyen, a local SEO specialist in Singapore started his job with just a week before this incident. However, the CEO decided that the only solution was to terminate him. Mr. Cheung added that they organized a meeting with Sonny, where he apologized and regretted this actions. On asking why the company took an immediate action against him, Mr. Cheung said that they believe this matter is a serious one and of course non-negotiable. The company also posted a company blog seeking apology for the incident as well.