Few Tips To Consider Before Choosing Your SEO firm

 May 31 2017

Overall marketing strategy of a company starts with SEO. Search engine optimization isn’t a general software that one needs to install, it is a marketing strategy that needs to be tailor made and for every business, according to their needs. You need to understand that having an SEO optimized site won’t help you attract visitors, similarly, a site that attract visitors won’t guarantee you improved conversion. Here is a list of some common queries that people have about SEO services: How does a SEO firm determine, which keyword to target? For a successful SEO campaign, research is one of the most important element. Well, finding the most relevant keyword also includes in this process, which allows them to determine the keywords they should target. Does SEO optimization program include analysis of design, navigation, coding etc.? A Best SEO company will do a complete analysis of your website and recommend you design and other changes as well, if they find it beneficial for your business. Will they analyse competitor's website? Analyzing competitor's site is also very important because, without this, how will the professionals know which keyword to target. Make sure that your SEO firm does a complete analysis of your offline as well as online competitors. Will the SEO firm write contents as well? If the firm does have a professional writer then OK, else, it’s better to look for someone else. Does the firm has any particular link strategy, do they have the capability to promote you on third party sites? It’s always better to opt for a company that has link strategy. If the company doesn’t have one, try looking for some other option. Also ensure that the company uses white hat techniques to promote your business. Things that you should ask your SEO firm: Ask them to provide you some of their reference work. Ask for the rank results they helped their client’s achieve on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Ask them how long they have been into this industry. And what is their working process. Ask how many pages will they optimize for your company. These are some, but there are various other questions that one can ask their SEO firm before hiring.

 Five Link Building Strategies You Must Implement

 May 31 2017

Writing blogs and articles is one of the most effective ways to generate more inbound traffic to your website. Marketers consistently posting blogs and articles on the web see almost 97% more organic links on their website. Guest blogging can also play an important role in this if you have also considered it as a part of the strategy for content marketing. Well, the idea of using guest blogs is now so popular that you can find it on every random post for organic link building. So, here we will be trying out something fresh and more creative. Five most active and actionable content marketing ideas than guest blogging: Beneficial Resources: Resources can be defined as anything that people will find valuable either for their friends, family or themselves. A good and valuable resource can be better than a blog post of 1500 words and can deep drive in the topic with enough data to deliver your audience, which they will never find anywhere else. We are talking about quality resources like the The Advance Guide to Link Building by Brian Dean, Marketing resource Library from HubSpot and Advanced Guide to Content Marketing by Neil Patel and QuickSporut. When you create a resource with such in-depth detailing, you are guaranteed to see a great rush of natural links in your website, as it will be shared by others automatically. Testimonial: If you into this industry for quite a long time, then you probably have done business with companies in your sector as well, like the suppliers, vendors. Some of them would also like to provide you with testimonials as well. If they are naturally posting testimonials on your website, then just ask them to add their website address to make it look more authentic and official. Using Reviews for Back-links: If you are a company offering customers with services and tangible products, then you can easily get a countless number of reviews. Most companies selling packaged goods and products have bloggers who consistently write reviews on their products. Some of these blogs acquire a hefty amount of traffic every month. Invest a little time in searching some of these bloggers and provide them free sample of your services and products, such that they can write about them on their blogs. Do not try to hire bloggers that ask you to pay for their feedback, as this is strictly against the guidelines of Google’s Webmaster. Opt for the back-links of your competitor: There are numerous tools that can help you know the back-link sources of your competitors. Invest a little time and try to find out those sources. Once you have identified them, try to reach those sources and get back-links for your website as well. You can secure those back-links as well, which your competitor might have missed in the process. Few best tools for analysis are:

Dig out the Backlinks One of the most easiest and fastest ways of scoring links from an authority site is by helping the owner find broken links. This can work best at times when the blogger has already posted a resource that links numerous influencers and contributors on particular topics. Find some similar posts and use tools like Broken Link Checker to uncover bad links. Reach out to the owner and make him know about the issue. You can also offer him your resources and check whether you can secure an organic link.

 For Startups- Local SEO Tips and Tricks of 2016

 May 22 2017

When the talk is about success, Local SEO is the sole solution that can optimize a business on the web. A survey report released by Google unveiled that more than 50% of the mobile searchers made customers visit the business physically. Hence, if you are still not concentrating on online optimization of your business, you are making a huge loss daily. Well to save you from such loss, this article would be discussing some SEO tips and tricks of 2016 that will help your do better search engine optimization locally. Help people identify your business in local community: Serving customers in a specific area with your services and products isn’t enough, you will have to start by impressing your customers and presenting your businesses identity in the community. For this, your business would require some specific information like address, phone no. You may think, what diff will this small change make. But always know that customers trust businesses that they can see and local within the community. List your business in local directories: Make sure that you have listed your business in the local directories. Also, ensure that you are updating it regularly. It might seem a very tedious job to change everything whenever you are changing your phone number. But is necessary, if you are looking forward to achieving high ranks. While targeting, be very precise and also ensure that every info you provide is 100% genuine. Social media links are also important for your website, as they give a proper insight of your business to the prospective customers. But make sure that information about your business present everywhere on the web must be same. Use relevant keywords: Having the most searched keywords in the website and contents of your business is important, but they must not be forced inside. Previously, using the city name just after the keyword was common, but now, use of these will be considered as spam. Instead of forcing in, try using your keywords in a different way. If the exact keyword isn’t blending with your content, try longtail keywords. Using multiple domain names: To gather more SEO juice, some companies or business houses consider gathering multiple domain names. Well, this work, but only when your business is functioning in various different countries. However, you can also consider combining multiple website SEO power by including varied domain names from each locality. Of course, they get linked by the central platform, but each of them get separate listings on Google. Here are few tips and tricks that you can implement in your business being a startup. However, the list is endless and you can try out various other way outs as well.

 Use of Content Marketing to Influence Local Audience

 May 22 2017

“Content is the king”- A very common statement and if you are associated with digital marketing, then you have surely heard this several times. But, do you have any idea why people call this the king and what happens when this king isn’t present in its kingdom? If you are a local entrepreneur and your business is mostly in your locality, then the content of your website has to be the king in your local community. Make sure that the approach of your content is very focused, such that customers from your local community can easily connect with it. Become a part of your community first: Maybe your business is physically in the local community, but you need to actively participate and become a part of it. Start this by attending most of the local events, keeping a record of the common issues happening around you and reading about your local community. To make your business a part of the community, your customers needs to identify your business as a living entity and not any sign or building. So, talk about your community, highlight issues that are affecting the community, help people known the best restaurants of their area, promote events that are being hosted locally. This will make you and your company involved in almost everything, which will frame your existence in the community. Promote your Business by Addressing their need: You started this business in your local market and targeted the local audiences, Why? Of course, because you knew that was a need for your local customers. Address that need, persuades them and tell them why you are the best amongst all in that area. Make the best use of this policy in your busy seasons and enhance your local business to make the best out of your investment.