5 WordPress Bloopers That Can Weaken Your SEO

 Jun 30 2017

‘WordPress’ which came into existence as a  blogging platform has gradually turned to be one of the most popular web development softwares. It comes with a great deal of designing tools and add-on features that utilizing which the developers can produce an exquisite website for your brand.WordPress activated websites are very SEO friendly. So you can hope for grasping a high range search engine rank every time once you choose  the open source software over others for building up your website. Due to its beneficial features, it is being preferred by many brands and companies these days to create their websites.It can be the best choice for you if grasping the topmost search engine is your main motive.But you need to be very careful while opting for it so that you do not end up doing the most common  major mistakes which are generally committed by most of the beginners. Here are they: 1. Not setting Time Zone : Setting time zones is a must for gauging your website’s performance in the local SEO sphere.You can do it from ‘General’ option under the ‘Settings’ section. Whenever you schedule for the posts to be published at a certain time, you can get instant notification whether posting is done or not  at the prescribed moment.But if you do not schedule time for the posts to be published you will not be aware of the ongoings and not estimate your effectiveness in the SEO zone. 2. Not using Google Analytics goals : In order to get success in  SEO, you need to estimate the attainment on a daily basis.You can pull in increasing traffic to your website but if they do not invest on your products and service then you are bound to fall behind in the SEO race than your rivals.Do take the visitors to the congratulations page whenever they bring in revenues by subscribing, joining an email list, etc. By utilizing Google Analytics you can keep a record of how many people visit the web pages via organic search and thus measure your success  in the SEO arena. 3.Not linking to Graph Social Metadata : Popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc can help you to attract a high number of visitors.So when you share your content on social media you can instantly get in touch with them who are regular active over there.The activation of open graph data for Facebook and Twitter cards for Twitter. Go to Yoast settings and then enable them. On activation of those the website links will get displayed in full preview inviting more website visitors. 4. Not setting up XML maps: Inclusion of XML maps with every post, media and something related to your website is a must to give full information about your brand to Google. You can build your sitemap via Yoast SEO plugin. You can get the option ’XML Sitemaps’ under ‘SEO’ option and do not forget to enable it so that you and others can view your map and thereby attract revenues and can restrict the entries to per map as you want. 5. Not giving the link to home page from footer : This is the most common blunder done by every beginner.Linking the anchor text to the home page will facilitate link building and help Google discover your website easily through branded anchor text.Thus you can win maximum number of web visits by giving the home page from footer. So do keep the above mentioned points in mind while framing a website based on WordPress so that it looks and functions impeccably throughout.

 4 Big Web Development Blunders That Can Affect Your SEO

 Jun 22 2017

The survival of a brand or any sort of organization can be considered as futile these days if it fails to grasp a high search engine rank.As internet has gradually turned out as a part and parcel of our lives over the years, we have developed a habit to check out the website of every new brand we hear of.We prefer to gather as much as information from its website prior taking final decision. Websites play the most integral roles in inviting the maximum number of target customers and helping the brand to fetch the dominant search engine ranks.Though there are uncountable adept web designers who can produce excellent websites but many of them end up committing certain mistakes that cannot boost up the search engine ranks of brands. Here are the blunders made on website building due to which brands may fail to make a mark on the SEO sphere :

  • Oversized images and media files : It is a known fact that nowadays websites are not only filled with informative content. Besides that they are also filled with catchy images, videos and other media files to interest  the web visitors.Inclusion of such objects can surely impress the users but the web developers should be aware of the sizes of the files they are uploading as the large-sized ones lower down the speed of website resulting in the falling off search engine ranks.
  • No H1 tags : Omission of H1 tags can be one of the biggest mistakes a web developer can commit. A website can look utterly exquisite with an intriguing content but every effort behind framing it will go for a tosses if it is without H1 tag as it is the one which makes a place for a web link on the search engine results.Internet users go through at first and then decide which websites to visit.So a website devoid of H1 tag is of no use.
  • Frequent Pop Ups : An excellent website can even fail to impress the visitors if pop ups appear on the computer screens repeatedly. Users feel extremely disturbed as that create a rift in the web access and they may gradually stop visiting the websites again leading to a massive downfall in the SEO performance.
  • Weak content : As we all know content is the king of a website and thus it always needs to consist of the most relevant keywords to be visible on the SERPs based on the searches by users. Many developers fail to include appropriate keywords in the content due to which the websites lose out their places in the SEO market.
Most of the times brands fail to grasp an online presence on the SERPs due to the  blunders they do often. But they can rectify the mistakes easily once they get in touch with a professional SEO agency as they consist of quality experts who are always at fingertips to help the underdogs in the ratrace.