Search Engine Optimization is often misinterpreted, business owners are bluffed with fake assurance and commitments. There are a myriad of SEO companies that run their business depending upon such fake promises. They commit you "rank 1" or sometimes "Top 10 results for all your keywords". They also come up with an impression that they will make this happen within a very short span of one or two weeks. Do Not Believe- Any company stating such promises are completely fraud.

We have come across many such unrealistic commitments from our clients and would hence, like to confirm that we do not believe in such hoax commitment. At SEOWiz, we do not guarantee "Rank 1"; however, we do assure you "First Page Ranking" of your targeted keywords. You cannot expect optimum results right from next week, but we definitely employ our best SEO techniques to enhance your possibilities of achieving top ranks.

Once we have created your account, we will send you a ranking report of your website at the end or beginning of the following month. The report will show you how many of your keywords have achieved first page ranking. Do not pay us, if we fail to keep our promise. Even if your rank drops because of reasons that are beyond our control, we won't ask you to pay. Precisely, you will never run in loss while working with us.