5 Awesome Local SEO Tips To Enhance Your Restaurant’s Visibility in Singapore

singapore local restaurant - SEOWIZ ASIA  Oct 17 2017

In today's world where almost all of us are internet savvy, it is obvious that whenever we will need to search for a restaurant. Google results comprise of 65% of search engine market share. As the search results are not random, your restaurant should be prominently visible on Google whenever people search for it. It should rank high on the search engine results generated by Google as it can any day attract the maximum number of target customers.
Below are the 5 SEO tips that you should follow to boost the ranking of your restaurant on Google :

1. Create Original Content
You should have a website that is to be updated with original content on a frequent basis to be a favorite of Google. Make sure your content is fresh, engaging and relevant to your audience. By this way, you can connect to the widest number of potential customers resulting in the upgrade of search engine rankings.

2. Regular Blog Posts
Frequent blog posts on a daily or weekly basis can help you to make a mark on search engine results. You should share news about your restaurant via blogs. Whenever you introduce something new whether it is any dish, drink, event, etc, do inform about that through the blog posts. They should always be informative and useful to the customers as that will subsequently increase the traffic.

3. Positive Reviews
Whenever customers leave your restaurant, do ask them to share their opinions, reviews and testimonials regarding the food and facilities provided over there. Do post the positive reviews on your website and social media page on a regular basis to attract the biggest number of customers.

4. Use beautiful photos and videos
Like customers, Google also loves photos and videos of restaurants. Do share enticing photos of your recently introduced dishes and post videos of the chefs cooking the most popular dishes in your restaurant. You should also share the glimpses of the events that took place at your restaurant. There are great ways to pull in the biggest number of visitors to your website and improve your local search engine rankings in Singapore.

5. Add local keywords in your content
Being located in a certain place, it is obvious that you will want to win over maximum target customers from the locality. So the same theory applies to your website. Do check your content contains references to the place from which you want to win over maximum customers. It is extremely to include the location name in your website content. The geographically targeted search terms can help your restaurant to grasp a leading search engine rank on Google.
So abide by the above-mentioned tips to boost your local restaurant online visibility in Singapore and stay ahead of your competitors always.