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Our SEO experts and other experienced professionals always implement the latest strategies to optimize your website which can boost your search engine results. We assure to provide you something much more than a mere website which can attract maximum traffic and gradually transform them into customers. As our skilled professionals invariably put into use the technologically advanced tools to evaluate the website traffic and leading online marketing techniques it is certain that outcomes will always be rewarding.


Number Of Keywords (30) Result Cost
SEO WIZ Only pay as we ranked. (capped at $6000/ year)
Other SEO companies Average $18000/ year


Number Of Keywords (30) Result Cost
SEO WIZ Only pay as we ranked. (capped at $6000/ year)
Other SEO companies Average $18000/ year


Number Of Keywords (30) Result Cost
SEO WIZ Only pay as we ranked. (capped at $6000/ year)
Other SEO companies Average $18000/ year


Number Of Keywords (30) Result Cost
SEO WIZ Only pay as we ranked. (capped at $6000/ year)
Other SEO companies Average $18000/ year

Results Delivered    Results Not Delivered 

Based on the scenarios above, you can see that SEOWIZ offers you a very cost effective and safe way of marketing your brand as you will only pay upon receiving what WE strive to achieve from the very beginning of the campaign.

Choose SEOWIZ If You Want..

  • Proper Planning and Execution

    Before starting to work on any client project our experts always focus on framing precise plans and then leave no stone unturned to bring them into existence on time. The thorough SWOT Analysis which we carry out helps to identify the strength and opportunities of each client project along with the risk factors which we strive to eliminate. We always consider the competitors’ websites and the upgradations of search engine algorithm leading to appropriate planning every now and then.

  • Prominent Online Presence

    We always aim to enhance our clients’ online visibilities promote and thus ensure to boost your brand’s presence on every popular search engine, business directories, social media and mobile platforms. It will make your website accessible by the mobile devices from any location where internet can be used. Once you avail for our SEO services you can expect a better online vision which can instantly better your search engine ranking.

  • Increase in ROI

    If you are yearning for higher ROI then choose us. Our SEO experts always apply the most productive online advertising techniques that can promote online visibility which can pull in maximum visitors to websites. When your business gets more visible online you are ought to get higher ROI and thus increase in income.

  • Lifelong Results

    As we use hi-tech techniques and strategies, it is obvious the outcomes to be long-term always. So you can hope for a lifelong appearance on the topmost portions of search engine results even after the completion of our service period. Besides that we also work on improving the online advertising of a website which can increase your income and sales for a long time.

  • Affordable Services

    At SEO Wiz, we promise to offer you the high quality SEO services at very reasonable rates which everyone can afford. Our services are risk free that can per up your sales and win over a good deal of genuine visitors. We ensure to handle from the very beginning to the end of your project by charging the minimal amount. So if you are looking high yielding services at nominal rates, then we are the one for you.

  • Trustworthy Services

    Trust is the base of a long term relationship. We ensure our clients trustworthy services by keeping them notified about every update related to monthly reports. It will help you to gauge the performance of your brand in SEO. The monthly reports which we submit will help you to track the record of organic visitors and targeted keywords. Our motive is to make our services as transparent as possible giving you no chance to regret once you opt for our services.


Your Success is Our Prosperity

Your Success is our success- To us, clients aren't business, its our challenge that we embrace whole heartedly to surpass the benchmarks we had set before. We leave no stones unturned to win this challenge and bring best results for our clients. We closely work with you and try to understand all your business needs and requirements.

We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. Thus, packages that we suggest to our clients aren't over priced with long term contacts. We customise our packages according your business needs and put enough effort to quote them at affordable prices.

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